Swelling After the Permanent Makeup Procedure

Swelling After the Permanent Makeup Procedure
Typically, it occurs on the lips, and the ladies are very pleased with it! But let's go in order:

Before starting the procedure or during the consultation, we warn our clients that any cosmetic procedure is a mechanical process. And the permanent makeup procedure itself requires at least two stages: the main and the correction. One should not always expect instant results. It may take several days or weeks to assess the final outcome. And this is normal, especially when working with skin.

Swelling after the procedure is a typical body reaction; we injure the epidermis during the pigment insertion into the skin. For this reason, swelling and redness may occur, which is a normal healing process.

Swelling can occur in different parts of the face where we apply permanent makeup, such as eyelids, lips, and eyebrows. However, this remains an individual approach and depends on the skin type, skincare, and external factors.
Eyebrow Area

The eyebrow area typically has minimal or insignificant swelling, which you might not even notice. Clients with increased skin sensitivity and closely located blood vessels may observe slight skin redness in the area of permanent makeup.

The swelling effect for eyebrows can last for one day, depending on various factors, especially the type of skincare after the permanent makeup procedure.

A minor swelling is bearable, considering the long-term beauty for 1.5 years. One day is insignificant.
Eyelid Area

After the permanent makeup procedure on the eyelids, there may be a slight swelling that can last for several hours. Therefore, our specialists at the "PMU Culture" studio recommend taking an antihistamine for those clients prone to excessive swelling. However, it is best to consult with your doctor regarding the intake of any medications.

During the healing period of the permanent makeup area, it is very important not to touch the skin to minimize the risk of infection after the pigment implantation procedure.
Lip Area

For many artists, this is their favorite area. Swelling can vary, but it always lasts for a couple of hours. Right after the procedure, the shape of the lips might appear slightly distorted or uneven, but there's no need to worry about this.

So, there's no need to hide at home. Make sure to follow all the care instructions for the permanent makeup. We provide our clients at the studio with a list of tips right after the first procedure is completed.

The average healing time for lips after permanent makeup is 3-5 days.

In our studio, we joke that the swelling after permanent lip makeup is like a trial version of lip augmentation procedures at a cosmetologist's office. Some clients even get disappointed when the swelling goes down.
In conclusion, we would like to assure our clients that there is no need to fear swelling after a permanent makeup procedure. Such occurrences are rare and pass quickly. And sometimes, they don't happen at all.

If our clients experience any problems with their permanent makeup, the specialists at our studio address these issues individually. There can be nuances during the healing process that depend on many factors: skin type, adherence to care instructions, and the environment.

However, it's crucial to understand that choosing the right permanent makeup studio and artist is only half the battle. How the client approaches the aftercare procedure responsibly plays a significant role. After all, the artist can't monitor you around the clock. A healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, moderate physical exercises, avoiding harmful habits, and getting enough sleep, can improve the healing process and prolong the effect of the permanent makeup.

At "PMU Culture" studio, you can always sign up for a free consultation. You'll come to our studio, where we will discuss and answer any questions you may have.

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