What practical problems does permanent makeup solve?

Effect of stability and duration
Anyone who uses eye and lip pencils daily knows how difficult it is to achieve a flawless line. Permanent makeup allows you to draw a line once, and it will remain for several years.

Eliminating asymmetry
Any face is asymmetrical, which applies to the lips, eyebrows, and eye shape. Sometimes the asymmetry is subtle, sometimes it is very obvious, but we often don’t notice it, because we see our face in the mirror every day. All its slight distortions have long become familiar to us. With permanent makeup, the master can correct the asymmetry - unless the client insists on maintaining it.
What problems does permanent makeup solve?
Healded eyeliner
Increasing lips size
It is hardly an exaggeration to say that plump lips are the dream of most women. By the way, you can optically enlarge lips stretched into a thread only by a cosmetologist! Permanent makeup can only slightly add volume.

Hatching the entire surface of the lips
This method allows you to get rid of lipstick in your makeup bag. The surface of the lips is shaded with the client's favorite color: now you can eat, drink, laugh, kiss - and not worry about what happens to your makeup at this time. However, if you need lipstick of a different color to match your suit or mood, then permanent makeup will not interfere with this at all.

As you can see, permanent makeup solves 1000 and 1 problems.
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