Permanent Makeup and Breastfeeding:
What You Need to Know

It is generally advised that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers avoid getting permanent makeup. However, opinions among obstetricians and gynecologists vary on this matter.

It is generally advised that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers avoid getting permanent makeup. However, opinions among obstetricians and gynecologists vary on this matter. Some believe that eyebrow permanent makeup during breastfeeding is a harmless procedure since the pigment does not enter the breast milk.

What Are the Risks of Permanent Makeup During Breastfeeding?

1. Allergic Reactions (to pigment/anesthetic):
• Even if you haven’t had allergic reactions before pregnancy and lactation, your immune system undergoes significant changes during this period. New allergens can appear, making you susceptible to reactions you didn’t have before.
2. Hormonal Changes:
• The hormonal balance of a breastfeeding mother is drastically altered, making it difficult to predict how the pigment will behave. There is a risk that the immune system will aggressively respond to the foreign substance, attempting to expel it from the dermal layers.
3. Lower Pain Threshold:
• Pregnancy and lactation can lower a woman’s pain threshold due to hormonal changes. This means the procedure could be much more painful than anticipated.

Potential Impact on Lactation

Painful sensations during the procedure can disrupt lactation. It’s essential to consider this risk when deciding on permanent makeup while breastfeeding.

Close-up of a professional performing eyebrow asymmetry correction using permanent makeup in a Miami salon
Lip permanent makeup is not recommended during breastfeeding for a simple reason: it often requires taking anti-herpes medications, which are contraindicated for nursing mothers.
Before and after photos of eyebrow symmetry correction, showcasing the effectiveness of permanent makeup treatments
There Is Hope!

Permanent makeup during lactation can still be successful if you follow a few essential rules:

1. Inform Your Technician:
• Let your technician know that you are breastfeeding. They can then choose the safest materials and make shallow punctures to ensure quicker healing.
2. Ensure Hygienic Practices:
• Make sure the salon adheres to strict hygiene standards. All equipment and the technician’s workspace should be properly disinfected. The technician should wear disposable gloves, and only sterile, single-use needles should be used, opened in your presence from vacuum-sealed packaging.
3. Minimize Pigment Absorption:
• Reduce the risk of pigment molecules entering your breast milk by avoiding anesthesia. After the procedure, skip 1-2 feedings by using pre-pumped milk or specially purchased formula.
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What’s the Bottom Line?

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