Five top reasons to get permanent makeup your brows


I am “FOR” permanent when it is really needed!

And I have five main reasons for this, just like in Igor Nikolaev’s song:

1. SAVE your time! This is true, all my clients talk about it! You no longer need to spend 15 minutes drawing straight eyebrows every day.

2. Summer, sea, sun, and you with EYEBROWS that don’t melt in the heat, don’t get washed away in the rain, and are always with you! No need to worry about the state of your makeup.

3. Your daily makeup is 70% ready! Swipe your mascara, and you're ready because the main work has already been done!

4. You have character because eyebrows are your character! They perfectly emphasize your features and individuality!

5. SPORTS? Pfft.. easy and straightforward. After all, eyebrows remain on your face, no matter how you work out in the gym, run, or even swim in the pool!

What are your reasons for doing permanent makeup?
There are a lot of them. You are interested in this issue and you are on the blog of PMU CULTURE.

The online book for the procedure is below!
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5 причин сделать перманентный макияж
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